The institution provides transportation facility to bring students from and drop them to their respective destinations. The routes of the buses are fixed and can be ascertained from the office. The routes of the buses would not normally be changed during the academic year.
The bus in-charge has the right to disallow any student who is without/her proper uniform, from boarding the bus. All the end of the school day, students should board their respective buses immediately and not move out. They should remain seated till buses leave.

Parents/guardians wishing to avail of the transport facility are required to fill and submit a separate prescribed form in the month of April, every year. They are also required to attach with the applications a written covenant stating that the institution would bear no responsibility in the event of any untoward incident amounting to the loss of life or property or injury. The institution does not hold any responsibility for late arrival of the bus due to some unexpected and unforeseen reasons.

The following rules are to be followed by the students:

  • Do not run to the bus but walk in queue.
  • Do not jump on or off a moving bus, for it is dangerous.
  • Do not push each other when you get on off the bus.
  • Maintain discipline in the bus as any mischief will disturb the driver.
  • Do not stretch your head or hands out of bus.
  • Students can only get on/off from their fixed bus-stops.
  • Students can only travel by their assigned buses. Even on request students will not be permitted to do otherwise.
  • Cooperate with the staff on duty and abide by the instructions given by them from time to time.
  • Never stand in front or behind a stationary bus.
  • The students violating the above rules will be strictly punished which may include suspension or expulsion from the school.
  • Any change in the residential address must be intimated to the school authorities.
  • Request for any change in bus route should be given well in advance. No temporary bus route is allowed.


Children must have their Tiffin packed neatly and given nutritious food which they enjoy. They must bring a clean napkin and clean water bottle. The school runs a canteen serving hygienic and nutritious food items.